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" Book a friend " is the world leader in affinity friend booking. Book a friend allows you to search, find and rent friends adapted to your wishes or needs, whatever the country, town, day, time and situation. Thanks to Book a friend, you can book a friend or a group of friends, anywhere in the world, according to a multitude of criteria (physical, psychological, geographical, skills, hobbies, profession, etc.), for a friendly get-together, a date, having a drink together, chatting, doing sport, playing music, travelling, visiting, finding a baby-sitter, learning to cook, teaching what you know… the possibilities are never-ending. You can be a friend to be booked and generate a good income, manage your time, have new experiences, be scouted by professionals, and meet interesting people. You can even save money and limit your expenses by exchanging services. " Book a friend " is the new " in " concept, and booking friends is for everyone! Young, less young, active, retired, happy, unhappy, beautiful, ugly..." Book a friend " is tailored to you! So hurry up and join the " Book a friend " community, the leading world network of affinity Friend booking!